The VGC Group is in preparation for its upcoming 2020 projects on the continent of Africa, commencing with the Aftown Mall eCommerce Workshop Series. The workshop series will start in the country of Uganda on February 13-14, then make its way to Malawi on February 18-19, 2020.

The Aftown Mall eCommerce Workshop is composed of an innovative curriculum that infuses Information and Communications technology (ICT), eCommerce and eMarketing. It combines presentations, group activities, and hands-on technical training to provide participants with tactical real-life experiences and information to get entrepreneurs ready for eCommerce locally and around the world.

Conducting an eCommerce workshop in Africa is aligned with The VGC Group’s 2020 goal of helping 2000 entrepreneurs across 20 countries to go global; and also aligns with the goals of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). The Aftown Mall eCommerce Workshop teaches participants the basics of ICT and empowers them in the field of eCommerce, which culminates in a hands-on training experience via the Aftown Mall platform.  

Aftown Mall is an eCommerce ecosystem created by VGC to promote select small to medium sized African-based flagship products in Africa that have been rebranded and remarketed to sell in a high-end global marketplace. It is a pioneering digital incubator that will help African-based companies become self-sufficient online, that was recently launched in partnership with the Aftown brand.

“Our goal is not only to build an eCommerce system to help sell products. Anyone skilled in this field of work can do that. The goal is to create a new generation of self-sufficient people able to go into the global digital marketplace and be successful,” says VGC co-founder, W.E. Da’Cruz. “That’s what excites us; addressing unemployment and underemployment.” 

VGC believes in the power of digital transformation, and that is why it is using technology to impact countries in the African continent. It spearheaded the formation of the Aftown Mall eCommerce Workshop Series by partnering with the Alliance for African Partnership, Michigan State University, Makerere University and LUANAR of Malawi.

The workshop series is open to African-based small to medium-sized companies, aspiring African-based business owners and university students undertaking business courses with ICT blend. Each workshop (for both the Uganda and Malawi-leg) will run for two-days, with complimentary meals included for each participant. Registration can be found in this link and is open until January 15, 2020.