brand identity
Have you ever wondered how you can make your business stand out from your competitors? One of the key components you need to have for your business is brand identity.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is how consumers can identify your business and its values based on what you present to the public. Some of the key factors of brand identity are brand color, design, and logo. These key factors will distinguish you from your competitors. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself about your brand identity:
  1. What message do I want to convey about my brand?
  2. Based on this message, what color(s) will represent this message? And, does it differ from my competitors?
  3. Does my logo or the logo I will design represent this message I want to convey about my brand?
  4. Is my brand identity consistent all across the board, such as product design, website design, typography, promotional and advertisement materials?
  5. What is the language used for consumers to identify my brand in advertisements, customer service, and employee training?
Once you answer these questions (and do research), you can start developing your brand’s identity. shares how the two biggest ridesharing companies, Uber and Lyft, have their own unique brand identity and how it helps them differentiate from each other. It also discusses in detail how every element of their brand, such as logo, colors, design, typography, and messaging, helps with their identity. Read the article here. Another popular example of good brand identity is Apple Inc. Since its inception in 1976, Apple has evolved into being one of the biggest companies in technology. With all their different products, from the Mac computers to iPods to iPhones to cars, Apple has one consistent brand identity. Their mission is to enhance life through innovation and technology. breaks down how Apple has been able to keep its brand identity for the past 43 years. Read here. Feel free to send us an email on any topic you would like us to cover at