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Adulting doesn’t need to be a bore. So does your career! At VGC, we provide our employees with the best career treasure they can find: Work-life Balance.

The road to this treasure was built on the foundation of one simple vision: GO GLOBAL.

At VGC, we are passionate about connecting to the global community as we work with our clients, our partners, and our team. We want to see people, organizations, and businesses effectively conveying their message to the world. We also want to see cultures collaborating to make a global impact through various talents and areas of expertise.


Project Managers

The Project Managers oversee and monitor the status of all of the accounts and the respective team members who handle them. They provide guidance to each team member and coordinate tasks across the different departments. They supervise the campaigns and ensure that every task is done and delivered on time.


The Editorial team sifts through the content created by the VAs and designers and ensures that it adheres to the standards of clarity, readability and accuracy. The editors cautiously check for proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as write and rewrite content for the various accounts.

Virtual Assistants

The Virtual Assistants are in charge of keeping their account’s operation in order. They fulfill daily tasks such as checking and responding to emails, answering and calling for their clients, creating campaigns, assisting in conference calls, processing revenue, managing social media, generating leads, summarizing reports, and other special tasks as needed.


The Designers are the visual masters of VGC. They create interesting and relevant images for various campaigns, tailor-fit to each account and client. They direct and execute layouts and are an integral part of making content engaging to the target audience.

Web Developers

The Web developers are the ones who create and maintain websites and web pages for the accounts. They are the authority in troubleshooting and making pages more optimized and efficient.


They are the masters of SEO, Google AdWords and Lead Generation. They make sure that the message goes out to our client’s target market and that the word is going global and creating business online.

Business Advisors

They are the key starters in generating more accounts for the company and ensuring the company is reaching near and far to make a global impact. They are the ones searching for new clients while the whole team does the rest as soon as the accounts are on-boarded.



“Working at VGC is very fulfilling. It enhanced my communication skills, widened my knowledge in marketing, and helped me refine my administration skills. But most of all, I love the flexibility of hours working from home provides.” – Maria D., UAE


“VGC has a good vision and strategy with great team unity that makes everything possible to accomplish for us and our clients!” – Irish F., Philippines


“VGC gives me the opportunity to upgrade my skills and work with a lot of people who are from different nations, also I pray for our VGC family to rise in the world like a Star.” – Amir A., Pakistan


“It is a privilege to be part of this global company driven by two dynamic individuals and a wonderful hardworking multicultural team. Our clients’ success is our success, and also a proof that global unity and teamwork provides excellent results.” – Denise A., Canada


“I have always seeked a job that would give me work-life balance, professional advancement, and a chance to work with an amazing group of people. I got it all here at The VGC Group.” – Lyra A., Philippines

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