dsc04819With today’s ever-growing competitive business landscape, it’s becoming increasingly harder to stand out amongst a throng of brands. And with many companies and entrepreneurs taking their businesses online, it is even trickier to get noticed in a highly-saturated digital community.

Understanding this predicament all too well, passionate “mom-preneurs” Wendy Ekua DaCruz and Naomi Jordan Cook, teamed up and blended their fields of expertise to form the Virtual Consultant Group (VGC Group) as an answer to businesses looking to find success on the digital and global arena.

“The VGC Group is a project management digital marketing agency that manages operations to support people, businesses, and organizations aiming to create businesses online,” DaCruz explains. “Our vision is to help businesses Go Global – to be their platform for strategically communicating their message to the global community. We want to be the leader in building virtual teams that support different aspects of a client’s business.”

The VGC Group offers an array of services for individuals and organizations who need a strategic support arm to help take their businesses to the next level, such as digital marketing, social media design, website design and development, and brand identity design. The company also specializes in personalized client servicing, deploying virtual teams for each account to ensure the business is being supported in a way that is tailor-fit to its needs.

DaCruz specializes in management, messaging, administration, and communication, while Cook focuses on marketing and development, systems, and strategies; making their combination a powerful force to be reckoned with. Together, they head and manage a team of more than 20 individuals from around the world representing a wide range of skills – from account management and graphic design, to website and content development.

Making inroads in project management and digital marketing, the VGC Group is backed by a history of excellent performances thus far. For one faith-based organization with no real online engagement, the team built and branded its digital platform – and within just five months of just capturing organic leads, they were able to raise nearly $60,000 in donations. They have also launched digital campaigns for accounts that generate a 100 new leads a day, which many have been converted into new donors within hours of connecting with the various platforms. Cook explains, “Our service pays for itself. For most accounts, our total monthly new donor donations pay for the marketing campaign.” These are just some of the team’s many accomplishments since the day it began operations.

The VGC Group currently services an upward of 10 accounts, most of which represent the faith-based sector. However, DaCruz points out, they are already expanding into other areas. “We are very clear that our niche is in the faith-based sector and we plan to build on that. However, at this early stage, we are still exploring because we don’t want to set unnecessary limits on our ability to impact the global community. We have since delved into personal brands and the financial industry. We also service a liquor company, as well as other non-profit organizations that are not faith-based. We eventually look forward to offering our services to the corporate sector.”

Not only is the VGC Group integrating its Go Global vision in its services; the same vision is the heart and soul of its culture. Made up of individuals representing different parts of the world – Pakistan, the United States, the Philippines, and India, among others – the team is an impressive picture of diversity and cultural collaboration.

“Working with people from different cultures has given us a wider perspective of the world,” DaCruz shares. “Our organization is huge on culture. What we want to communicate is that the world is made up of a plethora of perspectives. When we come together for a common goal of bridging communication and creating negotiable platforms that works for everyone involved, a platform that allows everyone to excel in their talents and enables them to have a voice, then everyone wins.”

Cook agrees. “Because we are able to see businesses from different points of view, we get to create more impact in the things we do. At the same time, we are leveraging different skill sets and creating employment and training opportunities for people around the world – basically creating that much-needed space for cultural tolerance. Our business hours are literally round-the-clock to accommodate varying time zones.”

Moving forward, DaCruz and Cook are looking at continually evolving the VGC Group to accompany the ever-dynamic changes in the global and digital landscape.

“We are currently growing the group by solidifying its various divisions. We just launched VGC Design, which will be the company’s branding and digital marketing arm,” DaCruz reveals. “We are also preparing to launch HireVirtualAssistantNow.com, which will connect individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies to virtual assistants to support their businesses and endeavors.” Also in the pipeline, she adds, is VGC Philanthropy, which will focus on developing and launching on-ground service initiatives; as well as VGC Research and Policy, a division dedicated to helping organizations develop and implement policies that empower the people they work with and serve.

With these upcoming additions, expanding manpower for the VGC Group remains a top priority as well. “We are looking to grow our team to expand our reach,” Cook says. “At the same time, we want to be an authority and expert on what we do – so we are preparing to launch our first global conference soon, and even create an academy or learning hub for those interested in learning more about our expertise.”

All of these combined make for an organization dedicated to truly making the world a better place – not just to live in, but also to work and thrive in. DaCruz concludes, “Ultimately, we envision the VGC Group as a leader in championing a global consciousness, promoting an understanding that everything businesses and brands do has a global impact – from the executive level to civilians on the ground.” Click here now to learn about how Wendy Ekua DaCruz and Naomi Jordan Cook met.

Written by Paula Quejada


The Virtual Global Consultant (VGC) Group, LLC is a project management digital marketing agency that manages operations to support people, businesses, and organizations aiming to create businesses online. The VGC Group blends design, brand communication, social media, and digital marketing strategies to create and manage innovative and successful digital experiences. To learn more, visit www.thevgcgroup.com.

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