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This is a 2-day workshop from 9 AM to 5 PM. All participants will receive a meal. The eCommerce workshop has an application process. African-based small to medium-sized companies, aspiring African-based business owners and University students undertaking business courses with ICT blend are eligible to apply to participate in this workshop. All applications are due by January 31, 2020.

Applicant qualifications include:
  • Must be a start-up business with more than 6 months offering a product or service
  • Must be able to show working knowledge of basic business practices
  • Must show basic experience navigating the internet and web browser
  • Must understand or have basic understanding of social media

Workshops are tailored to the needs of the attendees. Through the combination of presentations, group activities, hands-on- technical trainings and more, participants are provided tactical real-life experiences and information to get ready entrepreneurs increasing business engagement and activities locally and around the world.


Workshop topics include:
  • Setting up an online business with eCommerce
  • How to sell using social media
  • Introduction to web development and coding
  • Capture, track and retain customer interest
  • How to take local products and sell to global customers

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