The Virtual Global Consultant (VGC) Group, LLC. recently went to New York to attend the January session of Prophecology 2020 to support its client, Zoe Ministries. 

Prophecology 2020 is an event hosted by Zoe Ministries, a Christian ministry based in the United States under the leadership of Master Prophet Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan and Pastor Debra Jordan. From its foundation, Zoe Ministries has been called for a prophetic movement for the organization of the people of God, settling first in New Jersey, then moving to New York. Today, the ministry continues to put great emphasis on rising up intercessors within the Body of Christ; inspiring men and women who would faithfully stand in the gap between God and the nations.

To further its mission, Zoe Ministries enlisted the expertise of The VGC Group. The VGC Group used a blend of digital marketing and lead generation to expand the reach of Zoe Ministries to a global scale. 

VGC co-founders Naomi Jordan Cook and W.E. Da’Cruz explain how technology helps organizations expand its reach and support its members.

“We get tons of people. On a minimum, we capture 500 to 1000 new people a day that is requesting a prophetic word; and they’re coming from all around the world,” VGC co-founder Naomi Jordan Cook reported at the event.

In using its digital expertise to promote its client, The VGC Group successfully globalizes the prophetic through technology. Aside from lead generation and partner acquisitions strategies for Zoe Ministries, VGC also set up and launched, which allows individuals to join a community of prophets and explore, grow and enhance their spiritual gifts through prophetic conversation, training, development and mentorship. The website features a popular eCourse, which currently has 446 active members, with already over 97,000 logins to the website.

VGC has also created two mobile apps for Zoe Ministries: My Prophecy Now App and Tarumah App, both of which are available in Google Play, Apple store, and Amazon store. 

Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan addressing the audience at Prophecology 2020.

“We are in a different system because the age is shifting,” said Master Prophet Archbishop Jordan to the Prophecology 2020 audience. Through technology, Zoe Ministries was able to gain 221,381 new contacts and reach people from countries such as Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Australia, among others. 


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