In a time when mass congregations are discouraged and people are advised not to go to crowded places, what will churches do?

Churches, faith-based organizations to be precise, are people’s go to for hope in times of crisis. With the COVID-19 outbreak, many churches have cancelled their spiritual gatherings and the people who need guidance and consolation the most are left in the cold. As institutions of faith, churches should be ready to respond to unusual times such as this and cater to the needs of the faithful.


What We Have Learned

The onset of COVID-19 teaches us that building online systems is not just a task for companies or government agencies; it is also necessary for faith-based organizations. Churches need a way to respond to the outbreak and have a vehicle to deliver their faith-based messaging. 

The VGC Group helps churches connect with their members through various online systems and the latest digital tools. Through VGC’s services, churches can transition their congregation online and continue to be a beacon of light for their followers.

Here is a testimonial from one of our clients:


Despite this unfortunate time caused by COVID-19, The VGC Group takes up the challenge to be of more service to its clients and people across the world.

We are ready to support churches and any other organization to connect and continue their mission of faith and hope.


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