Why has Inbound Marketing become the trend in Digital Marketing? What is this strategy that is very effective in the market? Inbound Marketing isn’t new. It’s the digital version of marketing’s most effective strategy – Word of Mouth. Word of Mouth is spreading the word about products or services; the only difference is that it’s now being done online.


Inbound Marketing, as defined by Marketo, is “a strategy that utilizes many forms of pull marketing (ex. blogs, social media, SEO) to create brand awareness and attract new business”. Marketo further states that “in contrast to outbound marketing, where marketers attempt to find customers, inbound marketing earns the attention of customers and makes the company easy to be found”.


With the popularity of Inbound Marketing being backed up by qualified statistics, this trend has taken up the spotlight in mainstream marketing. Listed below are four insights from socialmediatoday.com on how it operates :


Internet Recommendations

Word of mouth is simply the concept of getting recommendations from your existing customers. How does it work on internet recommendations? Bright marketers often invite bloggers who have substantial followers to try out their products/services; and by that, they could give their “honest” review which their followers will see. Through these trusted bloggers, a good recommendation can easily be put out in the market for any product or service.


Building Trust

How can you start building trust? Have that connection with your customers and begin establishing a good relationship. Inbound Marketing is a powerful strategy that will attract your target market and make them come to you. Once they ask/inquire about your services, you will know then that they are open to giving that trust and would like to give your product/service a shot!


Transparency and Clarity

Commonly, when promoting something, you wouldn’t want to say things you can’t-do and just promote the things that you can. But, the reality is, you can’t get the trust of your smart customers if they only see the good in you. Just like any relationship, you have to be transparent and clear about your products/services so that you won’t give them false expectations. Bottom line is, you should know your edge over your competitors enough to convince your market.


Reading Between the Lines

Not all of your customers are vocal regarding what they want, especially if your product/service is a solution to what they treat as an embarrassing problem (i.e., health or beauty concerns). Socialmediatoday.com stresses that “the idea is to read between the lines and recognize what customers are looking for when they come to you. Making them comfortable enough to talk about what they want and need, and letting them know how your product or service can help, are the main aims of inbound marketing.”


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