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Local Business Collaborates With University Of Michigan And DHL Ghana To Launch A Global Initiative

Dr. Crystal J. Scott, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan Dearborn College of Business is collaborating with the Virtual Global Consultant (VGC) Group, LLC to launch the “Digital Futures Fellowship Program” in January 2019.

The VGC Group is a digital venture company that utilizes project management and digital marketing to build and manage back-end operations that support people, businesses, and organizations aiming to create business online.

“Our vision is to help people, organizations, and businesses go global – w e want to see them effectively conveying their message to the world, and to see cultures collaborating to make a global impact through various talents and areas of expertise,” shares Da’Cruz , Cofounder and Chief Operations Officer at the VGC Group.

Naomi Jordan Cook, Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer, adds: “We envision the VGC Group as a leader in championing a global consciousness, promoting an understanding that everything businesses and brands do have a global impact – from the executive level to civilians on the ground .”

Founded in 2016, the company which employs more than 30 team members has offices in both Detroit, Michigan and northern New Jersey and is responsible for helping to raise millions of dollars a year in at-will donations and business sales for clients.

With the “Digital Futures Fellowship Program”, students from the University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business will get real-life experiential knowledge by performing market research on small to medium-sized businesses based in Ghana, West Africa.

Through the program, participating Ghanaian businesses will have leverage to compete in the global market which Da’Cruz , who leads the Detroit office, says, “can ultimately increase economic development for the country because of the positive impact it will have on employment and the labor force.”

When asked about her initial thought when approached with the idea for students to work with
businesses abroad, in this case Ghana, Dr. Scott responded: “This is an exciting venture for our
students.” The newly appointed Assistant Dean for the College of Business explains, “The University neighbors the City of Detroit which is adjacent to international waters. Through this program, we are now leveraging on a global opportunity to connect students to countries across the world and make real lasting impact.”

Da’Cruz agrees, “Opportunities for people in Africa are increasing. Irrespective of their social or economic status, the digital environment is opening doors for them to transact within the global economy, and for them to grow their own e-commerce business.”

A New Jersey native whose family is from Ghana , Da’Cruz explains that she’s spent the last two years observing her new surroundings, making a link between her passion and her new home. “The people of Detroit and the people of Africa have had a similar plight, but both have been able to rise above their situation,” continues Da’Cruz. “That is why we believe that this collaboration is one that is both timely and necessary to benefit people from both places.”

DHL Ghana is an important partner in this collaboration because of its company-wide incentive that offers special e-commerce shipping prices to any Ghanaian business interested in selling online.

According to William Ofori, the Commercial Manager at DHL Ghana, growing Ghanaian and African small to medium sized enterprises is necessary for leveling the competitive position in the global marketplace.

He explains, “This collaboration is a special opportunity for the whole world to experience first hand beautiful Ghanaian local and traditional finished products. Global customers will now have access and will be able to connect with Africa in an authentic way unavailable to the masses before.”

For Ofori, this collaboration is the first step in the right direction to build “an active marketplace with data-driven campaigns and integrated payment and shipping solutions to help Ghanaian and African SMEs grow successfully.”

Through the combined resources of VGC, DHL and the University, students of the program are given a unique insight into the global market and a chance to do professional work in the digital space.

“We are fine tuning the scope of work, but the intention is to pilot this collaboration with my market research students this winter semester,” explains Dr. Scott. “One of my students interned at the VGC Group last semester and enjoyed their experience, so we are happy to open the opportunity for more students to be engaged with the company.”

The collaboration is the brainchild of VGC, who was awarded the ‘2018 Employer of the Year’ by the University for providing internship and employment opportunities for students. The “Digital Futures Fellowship Program” is a gateway for providing more experiential knowledge to students and greater potential to be hired in the future. VGC aims not only to train students, but to also provide potential work opportunities to those who successfully complete the program.

Cook , who will occasionally hold virtual sessions from New Jersey with the students, says : “It’s a win-win situation. This collaboration shines light on the power of technology and how it can be used to positively impact the world. ”

Both Da’Cruz and Cook hint that this is just the beginning of their global initiatives.

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