Since creating content is fundamental in having a successful campaign, we would like to share with you FREE web-based tools that could be your best friend in developing your content marketing according to Storify:





Majority of digital marketers are using this tool to create their blog and keep it interesting. Although it is not as easy and fast to use, it’s got more features compared to the basic ones. Click this link to begin your video tutorial:



This is one of the user-friendly tools to use when you’re starting to develop your website. You can develop your own site faster and more creatively with Weebly. Check out this video to learn how to build your website easily:





This is like a digital bulletin board where students can mash together multimedia content — from text and images to videos, screenshots, and other digital fares. It’s cool to use!

Here’s a tutorial video on how you can start using this digital bulletin board!



This is another cool web tool to explore! Padlet is your virtual wall where you can easily put your ideas together in the most creative way. Sharing this video for the basic tutorial of this tool:





If you want to showcase combined media types, such as web pages, videos, documents, images, etc. and turn them into a cohesive and navigable web page, then this tool can make it possible for you! Check this tutorial video and start exploring this tool.


We hope these free web-based tools will help make your website more creative and interesting to browse! You may also download our Go Global Startup Series: Invest in Content Creation to further lead you to successful campaigns. Get in touch with us here to get a FREE copy!