The VGC Group is a diverse group of global talents working together for one mission – to Take Your Ideas Global. Skilled virtual consultants come from different parts of the world: from New York to Canada to Pakistan to the Philippines!

While working hard is part of achieving success, co-founders Wendy Da’Cruz and Naomi Jordan Cook aim to provide every team member a work-life balance. A balanced life gives team members a sense of freedom to enjoy their social life and spend more time with their loved – ones, where their inspiration comes from.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Richard Branson

Some Clients’ Testimonials:

“Virtual Global Consultant Group LLC is the future in marketing.” – Bishop Bernard Jordan, Founder, Bishop Berrian Global Prophetic Partner

“We did it!!!! The event was a success and all because of your contribution and support. Buzz words for the night were “tasteful, elegant and impactful presentation.” From the banners, video presentation , donation and program cards, everything came together so nicely and made the event much more meaningful. Thank you all for your acuity, diligence, patience, commitment and dedication to Rizing Starz. You truly understand the vision and the spirit of this organization. Irish , thanks for all that you do and for becoming Rizing Starz. I so appreciate you. Wendy, thanks for being accessible, personable and an awesome facilitator. I am blessed to have partnered with your company and look forward to a long lasting relationship. Thanks again, I wish someone was there to see how it all came together.” – Carol McIntyre, Founder, Rizing Starz International

A Result-Oriented Organization

The Virtual Global Consultant Group is result-oriented. Team members are dynamic because they are trained to find solutions to achieve goals in the smartest and most creative way. Efficiency is the result of teamwork and respect being given to each member, through the sharing of expertise to help achieve success for each client.

Within the span of a year, The VGC Group was able to grow its team to 30+ members and more, as new client contracts are currently being finalized.

They say, you better work with happy people because they find smarter solutions to achieve your goals. Expertise can be claimed by any group who have a number of certifications from known academies; but The VGC Group are not only experts, they are also driven to take people’s ideas global.