The VGC Group has a new logo!


It was time to get rid of the old and operate with something new! The new logo came with the launch of our new website. 

VGC has a new brand logo


The new VGC logo seamlessly unites the company’s initials, symbolizing our goal in bringing together the global community. The bright hues exemplify the bright future we see for our team and our clients as we approach our third anniversary of being in business.


We are excited to show the world our new logo! Let us know what you think! Send us your thoughts by dropping a message in this  link


If you are an aspiring business owner, you might have already thought of various designs for the logo of your future business. While dreaming of logo designs is fun, the actual creation itself should be taken seriously.  


Why Is a Brand Logo Important for Your Business?


A brand logo embodies your business. Customers usually get their first impression of your business simply by looking at your logo. Having an interesting and appealing logo can draw the public to become your potential customers.  


Here are a few easy pointers on what your brand logo should be:


  1. Easily recognizable / memorable
  2. Tells your brand story
  3. Professional
  4. Represents your company values
  5. Catered to your target audience 
  6. Clear and visible in different sizes


The easiest and most efficient way to create a great logo is by using a well-thought-out design concept. Logo conceptualization starts with and relies heavily on research. Facts and statistics about your industry, your intended audience, your competitors’ logos—all contribute to your design concept.  


The VGC Group can help you design or upgrade your current/future business logo. We have a team of design professionals who have years of creative experience from all over the world. 


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