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Hello to all!

Our mission at the VGC Group is about connecting to the global community and making a global impact. That’s why this October, the VGC Group joins the rally in promoting Breast Cancer Awareness!

Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer in women worldwide. It affects women in both developed and developing countries and the survival rates vary in each country. Less developed countries, however, have a lower survival rate due to the lack of resources for early detection, diagnosis and/or treatment.

The VGC Group knows the value of educating oneself to ensure a good future. Education is not only important for one’s career or business, but it applies to life in general, including one’s health. Getting yourself educated on Breast Cancer can help you avoid the effects of the late-stage disease and more chances of successful treatment.

Screening is one way to get early detection. Even though you are not exhibiting any symptoms, screening tests are recommended to help find breast cancer so that it can be treated early. Early treatment means greater chances of success and survival.

If you think that screening isn’t necessary just because you don’t have any signs or symptoms, remember that Breast cancer may not show any signs or symptoms in its early stages. We all know that the most familiar symptom is when women feel a lump in their breast; but a lump in the armpit could also be a symptom. Odd changes in the breast and nipple are also things that should be watched out for. If you experience any of these, it may be a good idea to have yourself checked by your doctor.

Join the VGC Group in the fight against Breast Cancer by sharing this post! Let’s use our voice to convey our message to the world that we can save lives through raising awareness and education.