You’re probably stressed right now and finding a way to take a break. You are doing the right thing! According to psychology, “People who are fond of reading are on average more satisfied with life, happier, and more likely to feel the things they do in life are worthwhile.”


So, here’s a little bit of optimism and positive thoughts for you to brighten up your day:


“Whether you feel your absolute best or your absolute worst today, you still deserve comfort, care, and love. You still deserve the kindness of strangers and the compassion of good friends. You still deserve hearty belly laughs and a good night’s sleep. You still deserve warm baths and a night out to your favorite restaurant. You still deserve those little moments that make you feel glad you were there to witness them. Regardless of how you feel, you will always remain a deserving being worthy of the best moment that is possible for you right here and right now.”


― Emily Maroutian, The Book of Relief: Passages and Exercises to Relieve Negative Emotion and Create More Ease in The Body


“Reconnect to what makes you happy and brings you Joy. If there is something that used to make you happy which you have stopped doing, do it again. Seek to find deeper meaning and significance rather than living on the surface.”


― Susan C. Young


“Every time you get angry with yourself for where you are in your process of growth, it’s the equivalent of chopping off the head of the rose because it hasn’t bloomed yet. Now you have to go through that part of the process again. Anger will set you back every time and slow down your growth. However, self-compassion and self-encouragement are like water and sunshine; they help the growth process happen faster and easier. It’s up to you how you want to proceed, but if you can break the habit of getting angry with yourself and replace it with some compassion and encouragement, then you will bloom like you have never bloomed before.”


“You’re not behind in life. There’s no schedule or timetable that we all must follow. It’s all made up. Wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be. Seven billion people can’t do everything in exactly the same scheduled order. We are all different with a variety of needs and goals. Some get married early, some get married late, while others don’t get married at all. What is early? What is late? Compared with whom? Compared with what? Some want children, others don’t. Some want a career; others enjoy taking care of a house and children. Your life is not on anyone else’s schedule. Don’t beat yourself up for where you are right now. It’s YOUR timeline, not anyone else’s, and nothing is off schedule.”


― Emily Maroutian, The Book of Relief: Passages and Exercises to Relieve Negative Emotion and Create More Ease in The Body


“We must dare to be true to ourselves – to see ourselves as we really are.”

“It is fine to be committed to work, but our minds need time to recover and our bodies need to move.”


― Annika Sorensen, Take Stress from Chaos to Calm


“If you decide to focus on one thing at a time, instead of trying to solve everything at once, and just do that one thing, then you will feel a sudden decrease in stress.”


― Gudjon Bergmann, Yes! You Can Manage Stress


Each of us has own battles to fight; it could be at work, personal relationships, health or anything under the sun. How we take the situation is much more important. Focus on positive thoughts. Don’t let that stress linger in your mind. Sometimes, you just need to pause and exhale all the negative vibes so that when you go back to the real world after taking a break, you are ready to break a leg.


You can do it! Use positive thoughts to reduce your stress.