Social Media

You’ve finally launched your dream business. So it’s time for you to get out there and market it! We all know that one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to promote your business is through Social Media.

Since most people use social media for their personal lives, it is not that difficult to navigate when it comes to using it for marketing your business. However, you still need to create a solid strategy to ensure your success in social media promotion.



1. Branding

2. Advertising

3. Customer Service

4. Engagement

There is no doubt that social media has greatly influenced consumer purchases in recent years. It is not uncommon for people now to use social media to research brands before making purchases. This is the reason why Influencer Marketing continues to be on the rise. For businesses, social media is a very powerful tool that cannot be ignored if you want to attain growth. But it is also important to do it right to maintain sustainability.



Who is your business’ target audience? As a start-up, you most likely have the profile of your target audience fresh in your mind or on right your desk.

According to the Global Web Index 2018 report, the top five (5) social media networks are as follows:

1. Facebook

2. Youtube

3. Facebook Messenger

4. Whatsapp

5. Instagram

Your goal is to find out which platform your target audience uses the most. First find out where your customers are, then, invest in marketing in that platform. You may already have an idea of which platforms your customers are using, but having a thoroughly researched, targeted approach is the best way to go.



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It is easy to get excited in shoving information into your followers’ feeds, but remember, it is not about you, it should be about THEM. As a start-up, you can get overly excited in posting info about your products and services. This can derail you in your track towards genuinely connecting with your customer. Ask yourself, what benefit will my post give to my followers? If you can address that correctly, then you are sure to keep your followers interested and engaged.