According to studies, Facebook is still one of the top social media networks that could drive traffic to your website. By that, you would want your Facebook account to be active not only through consistent posting but also through active engagement of your viewers.

We did some research that could help you with your next Facebook content strategy. Here are some types of Facebook posts that are engaging to most audiences.


  • Pictures – It has been said as well that visual content is now the trend. Whether it may be a great photo or an infographic, make sure to give the most exciting and creative designs for your posts.


  • Videos – Videos, like pictures, are quite popular in digital marketing. If you think that you’re not that professional in producing one, there are online tools that can offer tutorials on how you can quickly create a video and share it on social media.


  • Quotes – This one never dies. Inspire people through quotes and share top quotations that are mostly about success.


  • Trivia – People love trivia and are interested to know about facts and other information. Again, posting interesting content could get more engagement. At the very least, they will look for more new things to learn from your page.


  • Questions – Posting an interesting question that your target market could relate to is one of the strategies that encourage participation. Sometimes, it could just be a general question that your viewers could share or tag their friends in. Your key is to have your viewers participate in your post. By that, this strategy could be inviting for them to answer based on their personal opinions.


  • Contests – Who wouldn’t love a chance to win at something? Contests are a great way to promote engagement from your audiences. By offering a prize or a particular reward in return, you will get not only greater engagement, but greater brand recall as well.


  • Stories or Behind the Scenes look – Reading your company’s stories and seeing your behind the scenes videos or photos could make your customers feel like fans who are getting the exclusive inside scoop on what’s happening within your company.


  • Relevant News – Posting about current socio-cultural/socio-economic news that is relevant to your target audience will let your customers be informed about what’s happening in the world. Make sure that the information you post is credible and valid and from an authoritative source. Sharing posts that genuinely empathize on a joyous or an otherwise tragic event makes you more connected to your audience.


So, we hope these tips will help you with your next Facebook content strategy! Visit and subscribe for more interesting topics and trends on Digital Marketing.