Aftown Mall

Aftown is a global brand, widely known for ‘Aftown Music‘, the music streaming app that has more than 64,000 registered users with daily page viewers of more than 1.3 million.


In partnership with us, The VGC Group, a leading global digital consultancy specializing in eCommerce and international exports with offices in New Jersey, Michigan and Ghana, we have launched the pilot of our new platform Aftown Mall.


Aftown Mall is a pioneering digital incubator for African-based companies. This eCommerce platform and mobile application is designed to help jumpstart African-based companies selling authentic locally-made products online to the global community.


Most African-based small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) have not yet seized the available opportunities to engage in the increasing global trade. This is due to factors like limited resources, knowledge and use of digital technologies, coupled with the high cost of internet and technology-related products. 


While some SMEs have taken advantage of digital technologies for their business, they have adopted narrow strategies and lack diversification online to communicate to end users in a global marketplace.


Our ability to connect global consumers to uniquely designed, quality every day Made in Africa products will help transforms the narrative of Africa whereby purchasing products Made in Africa becomes a new norm for people around the world.

We believe Aftown Mall and the many forms it will take will ultimately stimulate the economy and encourage trade both inside and outside the continent. (i.e. Ghana to Kenya; Ghana to US); and will allow us to use eCommerce as a tool for economic development (business expansion, export revenue, job generation).

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