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The Basics of Displaying Advertising

OA web banner, also known as a banner ad, is an advertisement placed on a web page that is linked to the advertiser’s own website. Anyone who has surfed the internet has encountered web banners one way or another. They come in different types, sizes, and placements, and can either be static or animated. Before, banner ads were limited to text and images only. But as technology progressed, they have grown to include multimedia objects that allow for moving images to better capture the viewer’s attention.

Here is an example of a static banner ad:

Here are examples of interchanging images from an animated banner ad:

Banner ads are part of what is called Display Advertising. Display advertising is also referred to as Banner advertising because of its use of banners to deliver its message. Banner ads are used to inform, promote awareness, generate brand recall, among others. Since most banner ads are clickable links, they are used to draw in traffic into the advertiser’s website by engaging the viewer to click on them.

Typically, advertisers place banner ads on high traffic websites that cater to their target audience and/or are related or relevant to their businesses. They are a great way to retarget potential customers who may have already visited the advertiser’s website but did not take any action (ex. purchase, sign up, download, etc.)

While some people may think of banner ads as distracting or annoying, others see them as their source of income. This is true especially for bloggers who get revenue from the ad placements on their blogs.