About Digital Futures Program – Market Analysis

Digital Futures Fellowship Program

The Digital Futures Program Market Analysis track is a three-way partnership between VGC, universities and a global logistics company where students get real-life experiential knowledge by performing market research on small to medium-sized businesses based in emerging markets.

Past Graduates include:

Currently with the Digital Futures Fellowship Program, students from the University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business gain real-world experience performing market research on small to medium-sized businesses based in Ghana, West Africa. However, this program is not limited to Ghanian-based businesses. Businesses established in other African nations are welcomed to apply.

The program helps participating businesses to compete in the global market, which aligns with one of the VGC’s main goals.


African-based Business

If you’re an African-based business:

Established African-based companies are eligible to participate in this program. Proof of business registration is required as well as additional business documents.

We focus on supporting businesses that have proof of products and sales generated over a minimum of a two year span. Companies range in online experiences, but this does not limit the eligibility of acceptance into the program. Applications are on a rolling basis and companies are organized into cohorts that run once to twice a year.

Benefits include:
  • In-depth market analysis
  • Identification of potential customer base & locations
  • Global connection with US-based University
  • eCommerce education
  • Digital and technical support available*


If you’re an accredited US-based University:

This program offers an international business experiential curriculum for students at Universities. The program connects business or marketing students with entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Through our use of innovative technology, this program teaches students how to research, analyze and market businesses in emerging markets such as Africa in the global marketplace. This cultural infusion opens students up to real-time challenges faced by entrepreneurs who are interested in increasing their bottom line. We work with professors to provide a wholesome learning opportunity tailor-made to the class and overall goals of the University.

Benefits include:
  • Experiential business/marketing curriculum
  • Global connection with vetted African-based businesses
  • eCommerce education
  • Digital and technical support available to students
  • Private sector partnership

Logistics Company

If you’re a Logistics Company:

This program helps increase the activity of shipments for shipping couriers interested in a global market share.

As businesses are on the ground are able to attract more customers from the international market online, shipping couriers benefit from parterning with VGC because they are the missing link to helping entrepreneurs sell their locally-made products globally. This is a win-win opportunity for couriers interested in penetrating the African market.

Benefits include:
  • Global connection with vetted African-based businesses
  • Global connection with US-based Universities
  • Potential to increase shipping activities
  • Market expansion in Africa
  • Private sector partnership

Program Director

Mrs. Charity Akpabey – Accra, Ghana

What’s Next?

Once you’ve read the information above, click on the button that best fits your description. Your information will be reviewed by VGC and the contact person identified in your submission will receive a call and email from us. The Digital Future Fellowship Program runs on a rolling application. Cohorts are launched once to twice a year depending upon the availbility of University partners available. Groups of African-based companies are assigned to a University class to which are then assigned to invidiuals researchers/students for an average time period of three-months (or one semester).

African-based companies meet with their assigned University peers a few times over the course of the program. A final report is delivered and presented at the end of each program. More detailed information will be shared once selected and assigned a cohort. If you have any immediate questions before that time, you can contact us at Allow 24 to 48 hours for a timely response.