Terms of Engagement- Digital Futures Fellowship Program

Thank you for showing interest in the Digital Futures Fellowship Program. At The VGC Group, we are committed to the highest standard of work and hereby confirm our commitment to the end and success of this project.

This agreement is signed between The VGC Group LLC and your company.

Registration and Name: In order to effectively work with you, we will need accurate and timely personal information about you and your company. Any detail which is fraudulent will lead to the termination of your account.

Our Fees: Once admitted, you are not to pay any fees or taxes for sign up or for the entire program. We are, therefore, not responsible for anyone claiming to be a representative of The VGC Group or our Partners (University of Michigan, etc.) asking you to pay any fees. We will notify you should there be any fees associated with this program and that will be done through our official communication channels (ie. programs@thevgcgroup.com).

Participation: Your participation in this program is voluntary and no coercion has taken place to result in your company’s involvement in the program. You are to complete the program to the best of your ability with honesty; and you have to be present or have at least one representative from your business present for required sessions.

Verification: Upon successful sign up, if need arises, we might have to request for additional information (eg. Ghana Card, driver’s license, etc.) There will also be an inspection to check if all the information you provide is adequate. Any resistance from you will lead to the termination of your company from the program.

Content: Participant is responsible for providing required documents necessary to the program’s success and also to use its resources as required to complete the program deliverables.

Communication: You are responsible for utilizing platforms and processes shared by VGC to access and receive information concerning Digital Futures Fellowship Program.

Progression of the Program: Upon successful enrollment, you must confirm that you have met the general requirements of this contract and you are authorized to conduct business with us.

The part we play: Our responsibility, therefore, is to create an analysis of your business’ current positioning in the marketplace and its comparison with its competitors to help prescribe how to leverage customized e-commerce technologies and opportunities to create successful business online.

Software: Our software comprises of mobile, web and hardware products, collectively called “the services”.

Underwriting: The Digital Futures Fellowship Program reviews all information submitted upon sign up and we may share information about you and your business with the University and any other partners involved in the program. Your participation grants us permission to periodically obtain additional reports to determine whether you continue to meet our requirements for an account.

Your privacy: Your privacy is very important to us and it shall be duly protected. We will never reveal your personal information to another entity, or anyone outside the organization or partnership without informing you.

Privacy of others: You may receive information about third parties by using our service. Under no circumstances are you allowed to disclose or distribute any of such information or use this information for marketing purposes unless permitted to.

Copyright and Trademark infringement: Digital Futures Fellowship Program respects the copyright and trademark rights of others and asks you to do the same.

Security: We have put in place measures to secure your personal information from accidental loss or unauthorized use; however, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized parties will never defeat those measures or use your personal information for improper purposes. We encourage you to implement additional security measures.

Termination and your right to terminate: We may terminate your account for any reason at any time upon providing you proper notice. If your account is suspended or terminated for any reason, you must stop using the services and we reserve the right to delete all your information and account data on our servers. Cancellation of project requires a letter written 30 days in advance and may be subject to termination fees as agreed upon in contracts.