VGC Support Membership


Introducing the VGC Group Consultation on the Go, a comprehensive monthly subscription tailored to address up to 5 of your most pressing business inquiries. With this membership, you gain access to our team of experienced professionals who are available around the clock, ensuring that your business objectives are met. Bid farewell to the challenges of assembling a competent team for development, design, marketing, and editorial tasks. With VGC, you can find all the support you require to foster the growth of your global business.

What does Tech Support offer?

Here’s how we help your business grow


This includes a full analysis of your business platform and provides digital business consulting. We take a look at what’s working and what’s not before we provide our checklist of recommendations. It is up to the business owner to identify which of the recommendation to support in the ticket system.


This includes connecting your form to your email software, connecting appropriate plugins, installing a theme on your domain, adding a currency converter to your website, adding a language convertor to your website, investigating an error on your account, collecting leads from a campaign, and connecting your payment system to the website, etc.


This includes supporting with email marketing software (Mailchimp, Activecampaign, Sendwave etc), Google Analytics tracking code installation, contact forms on vantage parts of the site, popup forms updated on pages, support initial email automation setup in your system, support initial SMS software set up to collect leads, create a webinar link, create an online event link and create a call or personal meeting links, etc.

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