The VGC Group recently held a two-day eCommerce workshop in Kampala, Uganda on February13-14, 2020 as part of its effort to empower African entrepreneurs in using technology to grow their businesses.

 Named “Aftown Mall eCommerce Workshop”, the workshop tackled various topics such as selling online, web development, digital marketing and social media marketing, among others. The workshop was attended by more than  40 participants who were eager to learn and connect with The VGC Group.

“One of the most interesting things that I like is that there [are] various things within eCommerce we haven’t done, which we need to do,” said one entrepreneur when asked about his experience in the workshop. “I think it’s very important for every entrepreneur to embrace eCommerce,“ he added.

Through the workshop, the participants were able to launch websites and work on their marketing strategies. 

VGC’s Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer, Naomi Jordan Cook

“The creativity from across the region is amazing,” shared VGC’s W.E. Da’Cruz, who led the workshop together with her co founder, Naomi Jordan Cook.Our job here is to build the vehicles of eCommerce and put them in the driver’s seat.”

The VGC Group has been supporting businesses and organizations in the digital sphere since its inception in 2016. It designs and develops eCommerce systems that help generate revenue online for people, companies, and organizations.

“[Coming] from the perspective of consumers of eCommerce, our goal is for them to take their experiences and become producers of eCommerce,” noted Da’Cruz. Through this workshop, The VGC Group intends to shift people in Uganda from being consumers of eCommerce to producers of eCommerce, in order to support their families and uplift the economy. 

The Aftown Mall eCommerce Workshop was made possible through various partnerships spearheaded by The VGC Group. One of the key partners involved is the Makerere Innovation & Incubation Center (MIIC) of Makerere University, Uganda’s oldest and largest institution of learning, which provided the venue for the first ever Aftown Mall eCommerce Workshop. 

Media outlets such as Smart 24 TV, a local television company in Kampala, Uganda, streamed live coverage from the workshop. The video can be viewed in this link


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