The coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted the world in a way that no one has ever seen before, but each of us can do something to make the situation better.


As countries continue to battle the spread of the virus, many cities are placed on lockdown and people are encouraged to stay inside their homes. This has led more and more people to search and purchase goods and their essential needs online.


In light of the outbreak’s impact on the Chinese economy, Aftown Mall offers Africans as an alternative for shopping products for retail and wholesale purposes. There is a global shift in exploring options outside of China, and we believe that Africa is the answer.


Our goal is to help African businesses focus on what is positive and look instead at the opportunities present in today’s global business climate. Looking at our research and personal interactions with entrepreneurs within the continent, we firmly believe in the quality and capability of African businesses in providing products ready for the world.


We are presenting a special webinar called HOW TO GAIN GLOBAL MARKET SHARE: Diversifying your markets in other countries. This Online Masterclass is for all business owners to meet the Maid This creators and team behind the vision, talk about the vision and learn about what it means for entrepreneurs building businesses online in the global marketplace.


What You Can Expect From the Webinar

While this webinar highlights African businesses, it is also beneficial for any current or aspiring entrepreneur from any part of the world who wants to sell online. The HOW TO GAIN GLOBAL MARKET SHARE webinar coaches participants on:

  • How to position your brand
  • How to determine your pricing 
  • How to conduct Market Analysis
  • How to navigate digital tools and technologies (Web Development, Digital Marketing) 
  • How to engage with customers abroad
  • How to maximize the use of Social Media for business


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We look forward to having you join the discussion. Aftown Mall is here to continuously support you through this period of pandemic.