In the age of industrialization, computer and telecommunication are coming to life. People and the business industry come to realize the benefits of these technologies and how easy can they get them. Information and bridging people even when miles apart have become easy. These can be found in any search engine, chat room, thru text messaging and video calling, which are readily available in any smart phones or computers. Social media has enabled business owners and even regular people to advertise and announce/ post whatever they want.

Microsoft Office, created and developed by Microsoft Corporation in 1983, is an application with a suite of products that include Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook. Each program performs different use and purpose; this is the most common form of software used worldwide.

Google, on the other hand, is a young computer software company which started in 1995 by two PhD students from Stanford, named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It is a company that created different applications which provides similar services like what Microsoft is offering; these products are: Gmail, search engine, word processor, spreadsheet and business presentation software.

Since Google has released its new applications which is very similar to Microsoft’s applications, many have wondered how would it affect the Microsoft Office. Hence, various comparisons have started to take place. Although Microsoft applications are widely used and recognized by many people around the world, most people have found Google applications to be more useful and easier to use.

According to a research analyst named Michael Gartenberg, Google Apps isn’t really going to replace Microsoft Office products for mainstream knowledge workers. But for people who don’t have that particular need, Google Apps may be be sufficient. However, Google is still producing many successful products that have potential and may be recognized in the future.