Many companies and businesses have discovered that it’s more profitable to hire a virtual data entry clerk/ data encoder. This employee can deliver the same work minus the overhead expenses and the maintenance cost of an actual office. Through telecommunication, many Virtual Data Encoders are being more productive working at home. In fact, based on a study, they are able to deliver volume of jobs without neglecting their duties and responsibilities as a husband or a wife at home. Virtual data encoder is in high demand right now, hence encoders are very lucrative to most business people and independent contractors. Here are a few tips if you want to become a successful data entry clerk/ encoder:

1. Know the scope of your job function

This depends on the arrangement with your employer. Your job function can involve either a simple data entry or with an additional task, like secretarial and office administration. Sometimes your duties or tasks go beyond being clerical, and it would be an advantage if you have a background in bookkeeping or accounting as well. There is no difference between working at home or working on site as data encoders for job expectation is the same. You must do this service efficiently, with fast turnaround time, and most importantly, at an affordable rate.

2. Learn skills that are be related to the job

This job requires accuracy and precision. Since you’re dealing with data, it needs to be factual and exact. There is no room for errors or mistakes especially when data contain names, figures, numbers and terms. Ideal typing speed is 60 wpm. Aside from good typing skills, you also need to develop other skills such as proofreading and editing.  It is guaranteed that you will have a credible and solid reputation if you can meet this criteria.

3. Have a complete office equipment

You need to establish a small home office. You must have a personal computer with stable and  reliable internet connection, and have a program that is needed to be installed. It is an advantage to have a standby PC in case you encounter problems in your regular PC so as to avoid delaying your tasks.

4. Use trusted site and reliable leads

If you can do like what an expert data encoder does, for example a reputable data encoder with 5 yr experience, you can earn as much as $10-$30 per hour.  As a beginner, you need to be careful when applying jobs online to avoid scams or fraudulent employers.