Virtual staffing is a process in which we hire someone to work for us through pre-selecting a group of virtual assistants with a variety of skills. Virtual professionals are assigned on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis. Virtual staffing is a relatively new concept in which the company offers small and home-based staff of a flexible policy. This is done using virtual professionals and virtual workers. Virtual professionals are not employees, most of the time, they are entrepreneurs doing the job on behalf of clients in their own fully equipped office at a distance.

Virtual Global Consultant (VGC) is composed of people who are experienced in creating virtual call centers and more. We can also provide all the necessary technology to help you in the long run. We will help you select qualified individuals who will continue the success of your business and can even show you how you manage your team and keep track of precise connections all over the Internet. Virtual staffing surely helps you boost your business. If we follow the approach in virtual staffing, we can focus on what really needs our attention — serving our customers, strategic marketing, product and program development. We are equipped with the latest software, multiple phone lines, Internet, email, fax, phone, copier, scanner and a good attitude.

VGC’s virtual staffing services is an innovative concept that helps you avail an office space without needing to buy or rent any building to run your business or branch office. A highly trained staff can assist you with many tasks, from application development to infrastructure monitoring. They will be extensions of the current staff you have as of the moment and will provide cost effective staffing solution.

As virtual staffing has become so common nowadays, Virtual Global Consultant is a company that can help you with all your needs when it comes to virtual staff. You can get a task done immediately and effectively with virtual staffing.